The DIBS Coffee Story

This specialty coffee story starts in 2017 from behind a coffee machine in Newstead. Sam, a barista at the time and Eli, a coffee rep from the northern rivers connected over the idea that there was a gap in the market for a small, local roaster to cater specialty coffee for boutique cafés wanting to set themselves apart from the rest. 

Sam; a people-person with a hospitality background in Hotels; and Eli having freshly come from the US with extensive knowledge and experience in producing and distributing coffee, made for one dynamic duo; second only to the caped crusader himself. With a focus on training, education and the highest quality coffee from ethical farms, The Black Lab was born. Flash forward to 2024 and we’ve moved towards our next evolution still, rebranding as DIBS at the start of the year for a fresher, more energetic and retro-inspired look.